Growth Disorders 2E

Growth Disorders 2E

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Linear growth is a biological process of fundamental importance to the physical and psychological make-up of a child and adolescent but which can be subject to a number of interruptions and disorders. The management and treatment of patients with growth disorders constitues a major, and important, part of practice in clinical paediatrics, while in public health terms growth assessment remains one of the most useful indices of health and economic well being in both developed and the developing world. This book approaches growth and its disorders from both a physiological and pathophysiological standpoint. The book outlines in detail the fundamental biological mechanisms of normal and abnormal linear growth, how to assess growth accurately fundamental to the early detection of abnormality and, importantly, how to manage disorders leading to short and tall stature, and disorders of the timing of puberty. Throughout, emphasis is given on achieving a satisfactory outcome for the child and parent by keeping them fully informed as to what is possible from a particular treatment strategy. The result is a wide-ranging and balanced account of this challenging field drawing on the expertise of a team of international specialists from a variety of backgrounds.Van Wieringen JC, Wafelbakker F, Verbrugge HP, de Haas JH. Growth Diagrams 1965 Netherlands. Second National Survey on 0a€“24-year-olds. Groningen: Wolters-Noordhoff, 1971. Roede MJ, van Wieringen JC. Growth diagrams 1980:anbsp;...

Title:Growth Disorders 2E
Author:Chris Kelnar, Martin Savage, Paul Saenger, Chris Cowell
Publisher:CRC Press - 2007-06-29


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