Guidance Manual for Coagulant Changeover

Guidance Manual for Coagulant Changeover

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This manual is a source document for utilities that are considering a coagulant changeover. It is intended to provide an appreciation of what must be considered for a successful changeover based on the input of U.S. and Canadian utilities (Chapters 1 and 6). New regulatory requirements will likely have the broadest and most substantial impact on primary coagulant use (Chapter 3). The Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (IESWTR) and Stage 1 Disinfectant and Disinfection Byproducts Rule (Stage 1 DBPR) will make finished water requirements more stringent to address microbial removal and the impacts of disinfection. Enhanced Coagulation and/or other operational and treatment practices will be used to achieve these requirements. The science of coagulation (Chapter 4) requires a special focus to address the intricacies of coagulation chemistry. The manual provides a step-by-step methodology to conduct a coagulant changeover using a detailed protocol (Chapter 5) -- background, executive summary.Readers are encouraged to reference the AWWA Manual of Water Supply Practice, Operational Control of Coagulation and Filtration ... Based on an evaluation of both economic and non-economic factors, a preferred alternative coagulant can be selected. The results of the testing should be neatly compiled in a report format, so that the results can be conveyed to utility management and third party oranbsp;...

Title:Guidance Manual for Coagulant Changeover
Author:James DeWolfe
Publisher:American Water Works Association - 2003


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