Guiding Principles for the Planet

Guiding Principles for the Planet

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qShe has heard the voices Lorna Green is someone to be listened to.q -Thomas Berry These essays are offered as a new system of thought to a world sorely in need of one. They are a self-portrait in ideas and replace the dualisms of the previous age-that have brought about our present ills-with a fresh, new, Feminine, unity consciousness of Being. They are a metaphysics founded on one key idea: That consciousness is the light we are seeking, that consciousness is first and fundamental in the universe, not matter. The universe is essentially spiritual, not material. This qCopernicanq reversal has implications for every department of knowledge, especially for modern science and our ways of thinking about ourselves, the Earth and the universe. Written around the author's experience of wilderness life, as a convert to God after long studies in science and philosophy, this work will re-enchant you with the possibilities for life on Earth. Each essay is short, simply and clearly written, accessible to young and old alike.We keep the blue Yamaha generator which powers our word processor, electric typewriter and the occasional video, in the outhouse, connected to the house by a long yellow cord. I have often word processed on a low tank of gas, racinganbsp;...

Title:Guiding Principles for the Planet
Author:Lorna Green
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004


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