Guitar EncycloMedia

Guitar EncycloMedia

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Guitar EncycloMedia is the most complete reference of guitar knowledge available. It contains all the chords, scales and arpeggios necessary to perform any song in any style. In addition, numerous suggestions on how to combine these chords, scales and arpeggios will enable you to play something uniquely different - every time with every song!Major Sharp Five (augmented) Chord Triad - Five Moveable Forms Three Octave Tones: 1 3 #5, 8 1 0 #1 2, 1 5 1 7. ... we; Qmaj#5 ma#5 Mode: C ionian C whole tone A aeolian C whole tone Tonal Center: [C major ] [A melodic minor ] [ Canbsp;...

Title:Guitar EncycloMedia
Author:Mike Overly
Publisher:12 Tone Music Publishing, LLC - 2002-01-01


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