Guitar synth and MIDI

Guitar synth and MIDI

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Until recently, guitar players had reason to feel left out of the great electronic revolution in music today. After a few false starts and several years of development, however, the new technology has become an accessible and relatively inexpensive tool for the vast expansion of every guitar player's musical creativity. The development of both improved guitar synthesizers and of guitars as 'triggering' devices for MIDI setups, means players can now use their axe to play other instruments with an entire new vocabulary or preset or programmed sounds, rhythms, and special effects. Guitar Synth and MIDI is the first book to explain the new guitar revolution in both theory and practice. Included are basic information and technique on the history and development of guitar synthesizers, basic synthesis, MIDI sampling, triggering, and how particular artists like Andy Summers, Frank Zappa, Al DiMeola, Robert Fripp, Lee Ritenour and others are currently using synthesis and MIDI in their own guitar playing. From choosing equipment to using it, recording or on-stage performance, here is essential information and inspiration for every modern guitarist.With a MlDl guitar, you have a totally separate signal path to worry about, the MlDl signal path. ... pedalboard, ita#39;s also possible that the boarda#39;s power supply is turned off or that the cords giving power to the effects have become dislodged.

Title:Guitar synth and MIDI
Author:Bradley Wait
Publisher:Backbeat Books - 1988-11-01


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