Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns

Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns

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HEADLINE: The Greatest Gun Book of All Time Presents a€“ The Greatest Combat Handguns of All Time! The Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns is an absolutely unique compilation of articles celebrating the greatest combat pistols of all time, as they originally appeared in the worlda€™s greatest firearms annual, Gun Digest, from 1944 to present. Presented by the greatest gunwriters of all time, this volume entertains you with information-packed stories about semi-auto pistols and revolvers recognized around the world as classic combat handguns, from historical combat firearms such as the 1911 and the Luger to modern classics like the Glock. Read about Great Guns . . . - Model 1911 - Glock 17 - Luger P08 - Bren Ten - SIG-Sauer Autos - Snubnosed Revolvers and more! . . . in articles by Great Writers: - Frank C. Barnes - John Malloy - Larry Sterett - JB Wood - Raymond Caranta and more! For the collector, for the shooter, for the fan of combat handguns, the Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns is a must-have resource.The Star differs from the Colt and Llama in that its hammerspring is directly below the hammer instead of being housed lower in the grip. The Star also ... I bought a box of Remington 124grain metal cased bullets which would resist deformation during reloading. I would have ... To solve the bullet seating problem, I purchased a woodworkera#39;s vise to use as a press ... This load is 1.1 grain less than the 6.5 grains Speer recommends as the starting load for the 38 Super in their manual.

Title:Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns
Author:Dan Shideler
Publisher:Gun Digest Books - 2011-08-04


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