Gypsy Blood

Gypsy Blood

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Half-Gypsy, Carnival carries his dead Poppa inside him as a perpetual adviser as he works as fortune-teller and occult troubleshooter, banishing demons and succubi with a carefree confidence born only of youth. His life journey takes a distinctly different turn when he meets Maya, an alluring female vampire. This novel details a dark version of the modern world, in which demons appear unbidden and where having a talent and using it successfully can mean either life or death. GYPSY BLOOD is a fast-paced, dark, funny and terrifying novel - like nothing that you have ever read before. The whole thing rolls like an avalanche of skateboards building to a climactic battle royal e between Carnival, a two-timing lady vampire, a she-demon with a mother complex, a social-climbing blood god, the collective spirit of the city and a mercenary mariachi band in a rickshaw. This is a fantasy for those folks who HATE fantasy! qIf you have got a taste for over-the-top stories in the campy mode of the EVIL DEAD movies, then this is definitely a book that you should look into.q - The Goreletter qIf Harlan Ellison, Richard Matheson and Robert Bloch had a three-way sex romp in a hot tub and then a team of scientists came in and filtered out the water and mixed the leftover DNA into a test tube, the resulting genetic experiment would most likely grow up into Steve Vernon.q - BOOKGASM GYPSY BLOOD will be available as of May 24, 2015 for the low, low preorder sale price of 99 cents USD. That price will rise in June to $3.99 USD. So do not wait - preorder this book today!a€œHey Mario.a€ Mario turned and looked. He was a stocky little fellow with arms like corded rope from twenty years of hauling fresh slaughtered beef. I do not like this place. All the ... Listen to the flower-man. ... Borscht makes your breath bad.

Title:Gypsy Blood
Author:Steve Vernon
Publisher:Stark Raven Press - 2015-05-15


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