Hacker Debugging Uncovered

Hacker Debugging Uncovered

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Tips for the practical use of debuggers, such as NuMega SoftIce, Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger, and Microsoft Kernel Debugger, with minimum binding to a specific environment are disclosed in this debugger guide. How debuggers operate and how to overcome obstacles and repair debuggers is demonstrated. Programmers will learn how to look at what is inside a computer system, how to reconstruct the operating algorithm of a program distributed without source code, how to modify the program, and how to debug drivers. The use of debugging applications and drivers in Windows and Unix operating systems on Intel Pentium/DEC Alpha-based processors is also detailed.New emulators seem to appear every day; for the moment, we have VMware, Virtual PC, Bochs, and DOSBox, to name a ... With 256 MB, it is possible to adequately emulate Windows 2000/XP/2003 running over Windows 2000 or any similaranbsp;...

Title:Hacker Debugging Uncovered
Author:Kris Kaspersky
Publisher:БХВ-Петербург - 2005


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