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The practice of computer hacking is increasingly being viewed as a major security dilemma in Western societies, by governments and security experts alike. Using a wealth of material taken from interviews with a wide range of interested parties such as computer scientists, security experts and hackers themselves, Paul Taylor provides a uniquely revealing and richly sourced account of the debates that surround this controversial practice. By doing so, he reveals the dangers inherent in the extremes of conciliation and antagonism with which society reacts to hacking and argues that a new middle way must be found if we are to make the most of society's high-tech meddlers.Colligan, D.(1982) aThe intruderAbA biography ofCheshire CatalystAl, Technology Illustrated October/November 1982, ... Doctor Crash (1986) aThe techno- revolutionAl, Phrack 1(6): phile 3. ... Dunlop, C. and Kling, R. (eds) (1992) Computerization and Controversy: Value ConflictsandSocial Choices, Boston: Academic Press.

Author:Paul Taylor
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-11-12


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