Hair Rules!

Hair Rules!

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Kinky, curly, or wavy hair isna€™t a€œproblema€ haira€”ita€™s just hair with a different set of rules! For too long, hairstylists and hair-care companies have ignored the needs of women with kinky, curly, or wavy hair, focusing on it as a€œproblema€ hair rather than celebrating its unique texture. But now hair-care and style expert A. Dickey, considered by top magazine beauty editors to be the foremost authority on caring for, cutting, and styling curly hair, has written Hair Rules! to end the frustration faced by women with curly hair every day. Hair Rules! is chock-full of simple tips for all types of curly hair and covers everything from the best shampoos and conditioners to use, to damage-free hair-drying (dust off that hood dryer!), the use of natural oils, and the safest coloring, styling, and chemical relaxing techniquesa€”as well as guidelines for maintaining healthy, gorgeous hair. a€œMy mission, a€ writes Dickey, a€œis simple: to advise and encourage all women with nonstraight hair to strive to attain their beauty, whatever their ethnicity, and whatever their tastes.a€ From the Trade Paperback edition.Another product that has a function similar to castor oil is a versatile oil (or fat) called shm bum-r, derived from a tree ... hair and scalp, and they are particularly good for gently removing color buildup from temporary and semipermanent hairanbsp;...

Title:Hair Rules!
Author:Anthony Dickey
Publisher:Villard - 2007-12-18


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