Half a Century of Japanese Theater V; 1970s

Half a Century of Japanese Theater V; 1970s

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Half a Century of Japanese Theater is a series of translated Japanese plays that begins from the contemporary theater scene of the 1990s and moves back through the decades of modern Japanese theater to the mid-twentieth century. The threefold aim of the Japan Playwrights Association in publishing this series is to offer performable English translations of modern Japanese plays, to encourage the production of such plays by foreign theatrical troupes, and to extend possibilities for further international exchange in theater. This fifth volume treats six plays from the 1970s. Crime is the dominant subject. Three plays are about homicide, two are about other criminal offenses against public order and society, and one is about survival during times of war. While many of the human relations depicted in these works illustrate exploitation and brutalization, the touch of the playwrights is often surprisingly light and humorous. These dramas offer serious but enjoyable reading. Contents: The Amida Black Chant Murder Mystery (Fujita Den); The Atami Murder Case (Tsuka Kohei); Mystery Tour (Komatsu Mikio); The Family Adrift: The Jesus Ark Incident (Yamazaki Tetsu); Ayako: Mom's Cherry Blossoms Never Fall (Okabe Kodai); Claire de Lune (Takeuchi Juichiro).and Ia#39;ll never be able to get married. inukai: Ia#39;ll marry you. chidori: You, Father? inukai: So stop calling me Father. chidori: You dona#39;t like it? inukai: Ita#39;s ... chidori: Ia#39; m no use anymore. (inukai ... Ia#39;ll support you from now on, for the rest of your life.

Title:Half a Century of Japanese Theater V; 1970s
Author:Japan Playwrights Association
Publisher:Janpan Playwrights Assn - 2003


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