Half Life

Half Life

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Great Stories for Young Adults with plenty of action and heartfelt drama. Half Life is about an extreme sports enthusiast who attempts a wing suit flight at the edge of space. Thrust into a wormhole he finds he has traveled backward in time and must now save the life of the daughter of his professor. Safe Haven is a story about a young homeless unwed mother who is faced with the decision to give her 3 year old son up for adoption and instead finds new friends at a Firehouse Safe Haven drop off. Bounce House and Halloween in the Baker Hotel are stories about survival and young kids thrust into impossible situations they have to use instincts and pure luck to survive the night. The Bee and Nannette Interrupted are stories about young people who find themselves in life altering situations they never saw themselves involved in. These stories will thrill YA readers and keep them turning the pages to see what will happen next.I pop out my ear plugs and listen to mom telling dad to help get Nan into her bedroom and telling me to help with the bags. It is not in ... Ia#39;ll get. Could it be that new remote control helicopter I asked for while being demonstrated at the town mall? I already possessed every game for my video game player that currently existed.

Title:Half Life
Author:Reggie Ridgway
Publisher:BookRix - 2015-06-17


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