Half Way Home From Kinderlou

Half Way Home From Kinderlou

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Through a collection of short stories, a grandfather describes his happy childhood in the small town of Valdosta, Georgia. It was a simple time when children played simple games with simple toys. Those were the days when failure of a child to say qyes ma'amq and qyes sirq to grown folks was considered an act of disrespect which brought swift rebuke and punishment from the disrespected adult and the childa€™s parents. Most homeowners in his neighborhood only dreamed of indoor plumbing, electric lights and home telephone service. Despite the prevailing social order, dictated by racial segregation which choked the advancement of some of his neighbors, little James Edward was often permitted broader liberties to expand his borders simply because all of the adults encouraged his growth. His timing was right. Colored adults nourished his self confidence as though vicariously rekindling their own aspirations. White adults saw a fast moving innocent youngster with a cautions and keen intellect, so letting him roam was a gift to a child which did not threaten their prerogatives. So adults of both races sought ways to assuage the harshness of segregation for little James Edward by smothering him with affection and special attention. The effects of this esteem is reflected in his pleasant memories of the post depression years and other events of that time.... played the same games and engaged in the same activities as other boys in the neighborhood, I somehow managed to rip the crotch of every pair of pants I owned. My mother Katherine became pretty disgusted after making frequent repairs.

Title:Half Way Home From Kinderlou
Author:James Edward Alexander
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-01-10


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