Halfway to Midnight

Halfway to Midnight

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It's 2020 and there's no Gary Cooper around to fight the bad guys, but fortunately for America, Dr. Don Lewis, another Montanan, is ready to meet the challenge. The prodigal son returns to his hometown on the rolling prairie of northeastern Montana to find his soul and practice family medicine. Instead, he discovers a community under the dark spell of the Trinity Project, whose headquarters casts a shadow over Cottonwood's main streets. The Project's goal is to control every aspect of American life, from health care to religion, transforming a democracy into a totalitarian society. If the Project isn't stopped at ground zero in Cottonwood, then America is doomed. Don Lewis is a man driven by his conscience, a doctor who believes in serving his patients, a small-town son who is surprised to be facing powerful and evil adversaries in his homeground, some of whom he has known his entire life. They captured the heart of the townspeople and will stop at nothing to win. He cannot let them. Fortunately, he is not entirely alone. With his beautiful wife, pastor Anne; his old flame, Abigail Anderson; and a handful of friends with true grit by his side, Don Lewis face the battle of his life as he untangles the mystery of the Trinity Project as it is managed by the smooth-talking lawyer Bruce Deeds, the cocky and unhinged Dr. Dennis Anderson, Abigail's husband; the charismatic evangelical pastor Luke Wright, and the stunning and intelligent Susan Chen. And in Halfway to Midnight all the action takes place over just one week in a fiery autumn haze in Big Sky country. Can western justice push back evil? Find out in this fast-paced suspense thriller packed with western color and historical facts.I did have to cover Doc Dennis at the Poplar clinic tomorrow, but otherwise I had time to do some detective work. ... I heard that the Chinese border guards were unfriendly protectors of their adopted mother state and enjoyed dismantling cars and ... Many a drunken Canadian headed for the border only to take their last breath on dead mana#39;s curve. ... Grandfather Len gave them pep talks about getting out and earning money by picking rock, running errands or mowing lawns .

Title:Halfway to Midnight
Author:Larry Len Peterson
Publisher:Mountain Press Publishing - 2011-09-10


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