Halloween Night

Halloween Night

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Ty and Izzy are two high school seniors who always host a Halloween Party at the same haunted house every year on Halloween Night. This year is different, seeing as how it was exactly ten years ago Barry's family was brutally murdered in that very same house. Barry was the sole survivor from that tragic night. He's now friends with both Ty and Izzy, the hosts of the party in that same house. Therea€™s a chill in the air and the smell of death all around them as they walk deeper and deeper into the mansion. What actually caused the murders that night ten years ago? Will these three teens and the rest of their friends make it out alive and survive this Halloween Night or will they end up as every-one who has ever tried to live in that house before them? Read my first novel and find out.Then she escorted Izzy to the other end of the hall and opened a door on the opposite side, a€œIa#39;ll need you to get dressed ... She opened the door and stepped out in this beautiful, white antique, laced gown with a headpiece, veil and train plus matching high heel shoes. ... Here is a pair of long, crystal, teardrop earrings , a crystal, teardrop necklace, a crystal, teardrop bracelet and a crystal, teardrop ring.

Title:Halloween Night
Author:Rachel Summers
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-06-27


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