Handbook of Breadmaking Technology

Handbook of Breadmaking Technology

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The author's aim in writing this book is to integrate currently available knowledge concerning the basic scientific and technological aspects of breadmaking processes with the diverse breadmaking methods used to manufacture bread in Europe and on the North American continent today. To date, the main technological advances have been in process mechanization, starting with oven development, then dough processing or make-up equipment, followed by continuous and batch mixing techniques from the 1950s to the present time. On the engineering side, universal emphasis is now being placed on the application of high technology, in the form of microprocessors, computer-controlled equipment and robotization, the long-term objective being computer integrated manufacture (CIM) with full automation within the large chain bakery groups in the capitalist countries and the state-run collectives of Eastern Europe. The application of these key technologies with biotechnology, as yet only applied to a limited degree in food manufacture, coupled with advances in biochemical and rheological understanding of dough as a biomass for breadmaking, should provide us with more expertise and ability to control the processes with greater efficiency. The application of fermentable substrates and industrial enzymes under strict kinetic control should contribute to improving the flavour characteristics of bread. Current trends towards improving the nutritional contribution of bread to the daily diet are improving the competitive edge of bread as a basic food in the market-place.Slabs of bread dough in units of 1 lb when unwrapped require a freeze-time of 2.75 hours, single-wrapped units require ... Onepound slabs of bread dough require, when double wrapped, 3.5 hours thawing-time, rising from 0AdF to 70AdF at anbsp;...

Title:Handbook of Breadmaking Technology
Author:C. A. Stear
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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