Handbook of Capillary Electrophoresis, Second Edition

Handbook of Capillary Electrophoresis, Second Edition

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Because new information was discovered at an incredible rate since the publication of the successful first edition of this Handbook, this fully updated second edition covers all areas of interest in the field of capillary electrophoresis (CE). A relatively new technology, CE is a principle method for studying the physicochemical properties of proteins, peptides, and other macromolecules. Where applicable, the 30 chapters provide basic underlying theories as well as application-oriented aspects of each technique.Keep up with all the developments in this growing field with the Handbook of Capillary Electrophoresis, Second Edition - a complete guide to the fundamentals of CE and the latest research. The chapters are organized into five units: Modes: Presents a theoretical development of the basic principles governing separation with several modes, including CEC, and discusses their practical aspects. Analyte: Applies CE to the analysis of a specific class of analytes, including organic and inorganic ions, pharmaceuticals, glycoconjugates, peptides, proteins, and DNA fragments. Fundamental Aspects of CE: Technique-oriented information for the practitioner, including the importance of the sample matrix, on-line preconcentration of samples, modes of detection, and specific aspects of CE data analysis. Applications of CE: Includes single cell analysis, CE in DNA sequencing, CE as a clinical diagnostic tool, identifying and quantifying drugs, and for characterizing interacting species. Specialized Aspects of CE: Discusses interfacing CE with mass spectrometry, high-volume throughput continuous CE, microchip CE, control of EOF, and much more. The Handbook of Capillary Electrophoresis, Second Edition, pulls together diverse areas and applications of CE, resulting in an excellent tool for scientists involved in biotechnology and clinical chemistry, as well as the pharmaceutical, bioscience, chemical, and instrument-manufacturing industries. With an applications-oriented focus, the handbook is also a superb manual for workshops, seminars, and graduate courses in separation science.Earle, C. W. and Dovichi, N.J., Simultaneous two-color thermo-optical absorbance detector for capillary zone electrophoresis, J. Liq. Chromatogr, 12, 2575 ... Melles Griot Optics Guide 5, Melles Griot, Irvine, CA., 1993. Gassman, E., Kuo, J. E., anbsp;...

Title:Handbook of Capillary Electrophoresis, Second Edition
Author:James P. Landers
Publisher:CRC Press - 1996-12-23


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