Handbook of Hydrogen Energy

Handbook of Hydrogen Energy

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Can hydrogen and electricity supply all of the worlda€™s energy needs? Handbook of Hydrogen Energy thoroughly explores the notion of a hydrogen economy and addresses this question. The handbook considers hydrogen and electricity as a permanent energy system and provides factual information based on science. The text focuses on a large cross section of applications such as fuel cells and catalytic combustion of hydrogen. The book also includes information on inversion curves, physical and thermodynamic tables, and properties of storage materials, data on specific heats, and compressibility and temperaturea€“entropy charts and more. Analyzes the principles of hydrogen energy production, storage, and utilization Examines electrolysis, thermolysis, photolysis, thermochemical cycles, and production from biomass and other hydrogen production methods Covers all modes of hydrogen storage: gaseous, liquid, slush, and metal hydride storage Handbook of Hydrogen Energy serves as a resource for graduate students, as well as a reference for energy and environmental engineers and scientists.Vehicle data are based on a 55 kW Volkswagen Golf 4 [19]. H2 powered FCV [62 ] is compared with advanced gasoline and diesel power trains [18, 63]. LCI data for gasoline, diesel, and NG vehicles include car driving emissions [19, 64, 65] as anbsp;...

Title:Handbook of Hydrogen Energy
Author:S.A. Sherif, D. Yogi Goswami, E.K. (Lee) Stefanakos, Aldo Steinfeld
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-07-29


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