Handbook of Industrial Robotics

Handbook of Industrial Robotics

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About the Handbook of Industrial Robotics, Second Edition: qOnce again, the Handbook of Industrial Robotics, in its Second Edition, explains the good ideas and knowledge that are needed for solutions.q -Christopher B. Galvin, Chief Executive Officer, Motorola, Inc. qThe material covered in this Handbook reflects the new generation of robotics developments. It is a powerful educational resource for students, engineers, and managers, written by a leading team of robotics experts.q - Yukio Hasegawa, Professor Emeritus, Waseda University, Japan. qThe Second Edition of the Handbook of Industrial Robotics organizes and systematizes the current expertise of industrial robotics and its forthcoming capabilities. These efforts are critical to solve the underlying problems of industry. This continuation is a source of power. I believe this Handbook will stimulate those who are concerned with industrial robots, and motivate them to be great contributors to the progress of industrial robotics.q -Hiroshi Okuda, President, Toyota Motor Corporation. qThis Handbook describes very well the available and emerging robotics capabilities. It is a most comprehensive guide, including valuable information for both the providers and consumers of creative robotics applications.q -Donald A. Vincent, Executive Vice President, Robotic Industries Association 120 leading experts from twelve countries have participated in creating this Second Edition of the Handbook of Industrial Robotics. Of its 66 chapters, 33 are new, covering important new topics in the theory, design, control, and applications of robotics. Other key features include a larger glossary of robotics terminology with over 800 terms and a CD-ROM that vividly conveys the colorful motions and intelligence of robotics. With contributions from the most prominent names in robotics worldwide, the Handbook remains the essential resource on all aspects of this complex subject.... by the surgeon, based a#39;in h i iiiiaijuo In Ilia a#39;/|, oiaiiiialt;j r///iAr(i tjiirgory proceeds normally until it is time to make the cavity In ... and the robot iiiMi hiiioo Ilia i avilyi wllli Kiutjlil/ an iinlof of tiiii()Miliide bettor accuracy than is achievable free- mii| Ilia anbsp;...

Title:Handbook of Industrial Robotics
Author:Shimon Y. Nof
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 1999


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