Handbook of Magnetism and Advanced Magnetic Materials

Handbook of Magnetism and Advanced Magnetic Materials

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From the first application of the oxide magnetite as a compass in China in ancient times, and from the early middle ages in Europe, magnetic materials have become an indispensable part of our daily life. Magnetic materials are used ubiquitously in the modern world, in fields as diverse as, for example, electrical energy transport, high-power electro-motors and generators, telecommunication systems, navigation equipment, aviation and space operations, micromechanical automation, medicine, magnetocaloric refrigeration, computer science, high density recording, non-destructive testing of materials, and in many household applications. Research in many of these areas continues apace. The progress made in recent years in computational sciences and advanced material preparation techniques has dramatically improved our knowledge of fundamental properties and increased our ability to produce materials with highly-tailored magnetic properties, even down to the nanoscale dimension. Containing approximately 120 chapters written and edited by acknowledged world leaders in the field, The Handbook of Magnetism and Advanced Magnetic Materials provides a state-of-the-art, comprehensive overview of our current understanding of the fundamental properties of magnetically ordered materials, and their use in a wide range of sophisticated applications. The Handbook is published in five themed volumes, as follows: Volume 1- Fundamentals and Theory Volume 2- Micromagnetism Volume 3- Novel Techniques for Characterizing and Preparing Samples Volume 4- Novel Materials Volume 5- Spintronics and MagnetoelectronicsBlock diagram of the main components of a typical stro- boscopic imaging setup based on laser-scanning Kerr microscopy. ... A small cobalt disk was excited by sharp magnetic field pulses perpendicular to the film plane. ... (Stiles and Miltat, 2006), by heating with femtosecond laser pulses (Koopmans, 2003) or by photomagnetic interaction (Hansteen et al., 2006)). ... Coplanar waveguides may also be fabricated in cross-wire geometry, which allows, for example, to study precessionalanbsp;...

Title:Handbook of Magnetism and Advanced Magnetic Materials
Author:Helmut Kronmüller, Stuart Parkin
Publisher:Wiley-Interscience - 2007-09-11


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