Handbook of Membrane Channels

Handbook of Membrane Channels

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This handbook provides a thorough account of recent directions in membrane channel research. Each subject is covered in terms of channel biophysics, pharmacology, and molecular biology. The introductory chapter reviews methodologies of molecular biology currently used for studying molecular structure and function of membrane channels and specific domains in channel proteins.In this diagram, the staggered arrangement of the OLs is viewed along a plane running perpendicular to the channel at the level of ... to physiological [Ca2+]i ( Peracchia, 1990b; Lazrak and Peracchia, 1992, 1993) indicates that modulation of cell-to-cell ... junctional electrical resistance (Ri), pH, and pCaZI in crayfish septate axons uncoupled with an acidifying solution in which ... Rl- and [Haquot;]i curves also differed in peak time, that is, [H*]i maxima preceded R1 maxima by 40a€”90 sec (Fig.

Title:Handbook of Membrane Channels
Publisher:Academic Press - 2012-12-02


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