Handbook of Safeguarding Global Financial Stability

Handbook of Safeguarding Global Financial Stability

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Political and social forces exert pressure on our globalized economy in many forms, from formal and informal policies to financial theories and technical models. Our efforts to shape and direct these forces to preserve financial stability reveal much about the ways we perceive the financial economy. The Handbook of Safeguarding Global Financial Stability examines our political economy, particularly the ways in which these forces inhabit our institutions, strategies, and tactics. As economies expand and contract, these forces also determine the ways we supervise and regulate. This high-level examination of the global political economy includes articles about specific countries, crises, and international systems as well as broad articles about major concepts and trends.. Substantial articles by top scholars sets this volume apart from other information sources Diverse international perspectives result in new opportunities for analysis and research Rapidly developing subjects will interest readers well into the futurey = 0.087x + 3.200 R2 = 0.30 0 70 90 110 130 2009 2004 2002 2006 1995 2001 1999 1997 2003 20072005 150 170 190 210 230 250 5 10 15 20 25 ... Kong to Mexico and Chile in 1997, and the transmission of the Russian crisis of mid- August 1998 into Mexico and other Latin American countries. ... (when growing concern led to the Plaza Accord)? ... Strongly misaligned currencies create problems not just for their home countries but for their economic partners as well, and in someanbsp;...

Title:Handbook of Safeguarding Global Financial Stability
Publisher:Academic Press - 2012-12-31


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