Handbook on Organisational Entrepreneurship

Handbook on Organisational Entrepreneurship

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A”Daniel Hjorth is justifiably famous for thinking differently about those things A’we all knowA“, and this Handbook adds fuel to that fire. The Handbook reasserts the intellectual and practical primacy of organizational creation as the driving force of entrepreneurship. By getting some of the best minds in entrepreneurship to explore and speculate on the organizational aspects of entrepreneurship, this Handbook reframes and repositions entrepreneurship as the organizing trope for the postindustrial age.A• A Jerome Katz, Saint Louis University, US This Handbook brings together pioneering, original work on organisational entrepreneurship. It provides a broad coverage and rich agenda for future research and teaching on the entrepreneurship-organisation relationship. Organisational entrepreneurship represents an interdisciplinary field of research that relates organisation, entrepreneurship and innovation studies in new ways. This Handbook establishes the scope of this interdisciplinary domain, challenges our perception of relationships between organisation(s) and entrepreneurship, and asks new questions central to our capacity to describe, analyse and understand organisational entrepreneurship. Providing a broad and rich set of examples of interdisciplinary research and bridging the fields of strategic management, organisation studies, entrepreneurship, innovation, art and aesthetics, this important compendium will prove invaluable to graduate students and scholars in these fields.It seems that as the concept and idea of a#39;social entrepreneurshipa#39; is gaining popularity, it means very different things, ranging ... Grupp/Hitta_statistik/ Historisk_statistik/_Dokument/Historisk%20statistik%20fApr%20 Sverige_%20Del %201.pdf.

Title:Handbook on Organisational Entrepreneurship
Author:Daniel Hjorth
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing - 2012-01-01


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