Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

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Both are actors in love, famous people with a very busy schedule, but there are some dates on which they do everything possible to be together... Their birthdays are two of them. Following the male and female points of view, Happy Birthday is about the intense relationship of two people, friendship, work, and, especially, love.a€œBelle, get out of bed, a€he said, and threw a dog biscuit shaped like a bone, which made her promptly go away. ... Iwinked. He knelt on the bed, placedthe tray on my feet, leaned closer, and stole a kiss from me. ... a€œAnd happy birthday. ... I cupped myhands in frontofmy face, betweenmy cheeks and my mouth, inafailed attempt to hidemy smile andmy delight for that little cakewhich I would feel badfor eating.

Title:Happy Birthday
Author:Letícia Kartalian
Publisher:Babelcube Inc. - 2014-10-27


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