Harangue with Meringue. It is no use crying over spilt milk

Harangue with Meringue. It is no use crying over spilt milk

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If you havena€™t learnt about how to preserve your happiness, then you havena€™t learnt anything in life F a o : Teens and the Parents of Teens. FOR YOUR OWN HAPPINESS IN LIFE, YOU MUST NOT HARM NEURONES. Who has ever been successful in life without reading important books? This book is not to read only but to understand the important stuff in life. It emanates a good sense of humour but makes you feel calmer at the end. It aims to uphold your happiness while making you aware of the dangers. This book is reserved for our children at a time where the rate of mental health sufferings is rising around the world. Please help yourself in protecting the childrena€™s mental health and well-being. Children represent the future of the world. One in 4 adults and 1 in 10 children are suffering from mental health problems at present; so we must act on now to prevent it spreading further. Nip trauma in bud. Prevention is the best treatment. Every parent wants to see their child prosper and succeed in life. Every child has got his or her dream to enjoy life. This is entirely possible when a child has not been emotionally damaged. When things go wrong despite good intentions, both the parents and children will not experience success and happiness in life. When a child is harmed, happiness disappears from the family. Misery and sorrow will persist in the life of a child victim when a€˜hopea€™ is dashed into smithereens by a wrongful behaviour of someone known or unknown to the child. This book is here to raise awareness of the important mental health issues in a childa€™s life. Knowledge is medicine. This book is a prophylactic medicine in the prevention of a childa€™s mental health sufferings. Therefore, not only a child should take knowledge from this book but also a responsible parent should feed the child with all the a€˜contentsa€™ of this book at the same time. This book (volumes I and II) aims to ward off sufferings of a child in relation to mental health. A sustained state of mental well-being is essential for every child to succeed and enjoy life. Effective learning comes with laughter. Learning is fun. This book is entirely free from jargon. It is based on scientific advances and useful to woo all societies. This book contains humour palatable to the young minds as well as several educational photos for the readers. It contains exotic lullabies, tickling jokes along with chuckling bed-time reads designed to bring a positive change in a childa€™s life in relation to Mental Health. It has stuff that works with children. It is unique. Volume II explains the dangers of Obesity, Alcohol use and abuse of Sex. The importance of Self-esteem is explained. A great deal of effort has been made to explain the Stigma of mental illness and its implications in life. Chapter 18 has been devoted to explain a€˜lifea€™ as a vehicular allegory. Every young mind should understand this article on life compared with a moving vehicle. a€˜Attention/concentration difficultiesa€™ and a€˜Autism type of difficultiesa€™ are well explained, because ita€™s very important for all children to have a basic knowledge of these conditions. The importance of knowing about Dementia is highlighted. The scientific basis of the importance of Talking Therapy in ameliorating sufferings is explained. One chapter describes the symptoms of traumatised mind where the reader is expected to identify any features s/he has at the time of reading. The last chapter contains Hard Talk (FAST) which every new generation should have a fair understanding of the contents... Knowledge is an antidote to sufferings. Knowledge is panacea. A bad behaviour induces suffering; so it must be stopped. Harangue with Meringue. It is no use crying over spilt milk (Vol. II) is the second in a series. Volume I is How Are You? Tell it like it is (Vol.1) is Volume I. ISBN :978-1-78222-177-7 Every piece of information in the book is educational to the young minds and a must-read for every teenager. Please spread the knowledge to prevent the illness spreading. Life is hell without a sound mental health. Think of it!You start loving alcohol at this stage. d) Children do not have enough knowledge about alcohol in order to realise the ... They become hardened due to the chemical poison in the same way as an egg turns hard and white when it is boiled.

Title:Harangue with Meringue. It is no use crying over spilt milk
Author:Narayan Aryal
Publisher:Paragon Publishing - 2014-03


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