Hard Justice

Hard Justice

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At the turn of the millennium, the world has changed violently. Hard Justice The Violation is the story of Sam Murphy, husband, father, and business partner and friend of Jake Blacques, enduring the senseless and brutal killing of Sam's family. Sam and Jake are searching for their own sense of justice, while working with local law enforcement, when Special Agent Sabina Cooper arrives to offer her insights of Victim Analysis. Her thinking convinces Sam and others involved that Sam's Family may have been killed by something more sinister than what they may be considering as random in nature. The Violation is the first of The Hard Justice Trilogy. This Tale will bring you through Sam's brutal new reality, Sam's heart wrenching pain, and need for understanding why such horror came to him. Jake, Agent Cooper and Detective Jameson ultimately come to know just what the Violation of Sam is, and are determined to serve Hard Justice.She made her way back to the a#39;soon not to be her squada#39; and wondered how things were with Jameson, Jake and Sam. It wouldna#39;t ... Then shea#39;d turn the dial to FM. Maybe she ... The commercials began and she flipped to the music stations, trying to catch a tune. Chapter 9 ake and Sam remained on the Buried Treasure.

Title:Hard Justice
Author:Martin H. Petry
Publisher:Hard Justice The Violation - 2006-11


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