Harder Than I Thought

Harder Than I Thought

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Being a great leader today is much harder than you think Meet Jim Barton. Hea€™s a newly minted CEO, rising leader of a firm in transition, and manager of massive complexitya€”thanks to our incredibly networked and increasingly unpredictable world of business. What if you were in his shoes? If youa€™re a top executive today, you probably are. Harder Than I Thought is a fictional narrative that puts the increasingly complex job of Chief Executive in a very real context. It serves as a practical guide by allowing you to walk alongside Jim as he takes on his new role and all its attendant challenges. Jima€™s storya€”developed in collaboration with seasoned, real-life CEOsa€”includes crucial lessons for anyone hoping to master the new-world skills required of successful business leaders today. As the narrative unfolds, Jim grapples with an array of business crises, some he inherited and some of his own making. As events push this new leader to the edge of his abilities, he seeks counsel from a panel of advisersa€”resulting in a wealth of teaching moments bound to keep you captivated. Experts agree that many twentieth-century leadership practices wona€™t work in the turbulent twenty-first century. This engaging book gives you the insights youa€™ll need to navigate in a fast-changing business landscape.In other words, if he decides to put in a little extra effort, to a#39;work harder, a#39; say, make it 5.1 units instead of 5, he knows best how to ... a€œYes, you want to incentivize them to create more value, a€ said Palepu, almost giddy, a€œbut in fact you can onlyanbsp;...

Title:Harder Than I Thought
Author:Robert Daniel Austin, Richard L. Nolan, Shannon O'Donnell
Publisher:Harvard Business Press - 2012


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