Harnessing the Force

Harnessing the Force

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Are you living your life in a state of joy, gratitude and thankfulness? Do you laugh a lot and feel like it's Christmas every day? If not, then this book is meant for you. Many of us instead live our lives feeling depressed, anxious and unhappy. We race home from work only to be overloaded with even more work around the house. Rather than enjoying our lives and interpersonal relationships, we tend to lose sight of whata€™s really important and instead focus on acquiring material things and the numerous work tasks needed to get done. We may have forgotten how to play and enjoy life. The more debt we take on, the more pressured our lives become as well. Some of us are also angry inside, holding onto grudges and feeling like we have been victimized by anothera€™s thoughts, words and deeds. Feeling victimized, we may then lash out in anger at the people closest to us and do harm to those we love. Harnessing the Force both simplifies the wellness concepts and expands upon the spiritual content of my previous book, The Force is With You Always! It is loaded with wit and wisdom about living life in harmony with your true inner self. It connects you to your soul within in order to make beautiful soul music without. It will help you turn enemies into friends while living in harmony with nature and Spirit. Learning to live a healthy life in harmony with Spirit is well worth the pursuit.A Manual for Weary Seekers Richard Koepke. Fort Apache where the Henry Fonda (Custer caricature) character rubs both ... I dona#39;t need a Wii system in order to be happy!a€œWiia€ will not make a€œmea€ happ-ii. Neither will a brand new home or aanbsp;...

Title:Harnessing the Force
Author:Richard Koepke
Publisher:Author House - 2011-08-22


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