Haunted Monticello, Florida

Haunted Monticello, Florida

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Monticello might sometimes seem like a quiet Florida Panhandle town, but its history tells of a ghostly past stretching back to the early nineteenth century. Discover the stories behind the old blacksmitha€™s forge on Jefferson Streeta€”where the chilling sounds of metal striking metal still ring out across the towna€”and the Hanging Tree, forever haunted by the ghosts of executed outlaws and lost Confederate soldiers. The Monticello Historic District contains over forty buildings dating back to the nineteenth century, and it is said that one out of every three buildings is haunted. Join local haunted tour guide Betty Davis and Big Bend Ghost Trackers as they reveal the amazing history of Monticelloa€™s spookiest spots.Poltergeist took the container and threw it and its contents, which landed on Dr. Palmer, the wall and the deceased. Through the years, other owners have tried to remove the bloodstain from the wall, to no avail. The wall has been scrubbed, anbsp;...

Title:Haunted Monticello, Florida
Author:Betty Davis, Big Bend Ghost Trackers
Publisher:The History Press - 2011-06-14


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