Have More Cents

Have More Cents

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Do you often find yourself a little nervous to check the balance of your bank account? Do you wish that you had a bit of extra cash to take a spontaneous vacation or buy a car? If you find yourself in one of those situations, chances are you need to start saving moneya€b but you probably dona€™t want to give up the luxuries you have today. Inside Have More Cents: A Young Womana€™s Guide to Saving Money and Still Doing What You Love, wea€™ll show you exactly how you can live for less without cutting the fun out of your life (or the occasional, expensive handbag!). Youa€™ll learn how to: a€œTake downa€ a CVS (so they basically pay you to shop!)Save money without affecting your quality of life, by saving on entertainmentSave on your normal expenses such as gas, transportation, and utilitiesFind great deals on luxury goodsStay fit without breaking the bankUse some of the best websites to help with your budget and to save on restaurants, home dAccor, designer goods, clothing, and many other itemsSmartphone apps that you can use to save and control your expenses, while you are out and aboutAnd more! And, since technology is a part of life, included is a variety of mobile phone apps and websites that you can use to do all of the above, and more! Let this book be your guide to living a full life on a budget, while still having fun. Pick up Have More Cents: A Young Womana€™s Guide to Saving Money and Still Doing What You Love, and start saving today!Watch Movies for Even Cheapera€”At Home Although it does require a bit of a sacrifice if you are a lover of watching movies onabig screen, you cansavealotmore money if ... Netflix and other similar streaming sitesare revolutionizing the entertainment industry. ... Primegives you lotsof benefits aside from movies (including free shippingand special deals just for Prime members). ... Find a RedBox.This literally red box can befound in grocery stores and drugs stores all over. It allows you.

Title:Have More Cents
Author:Katie Chandler
Publisher:Empowerment Nation - 2013-06-26


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