Have You Seen My 18 Wheeler?

Have You Seen My 18 Wheeler?

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This is a travel book for children and bored adult passengers. Rather than immersing themselves in electronic gadgets, they are required to look out the car windows as they travel on the American Interstate Highway system to see many wonderful sites not visible on their I-pad. It fills time and provides interesting information during travel vacations or while going to grandma's. It is a series of full color pictures of 18 wheeler trucks with some interesting facts about the trucks, the trucking industry, and the American interstate highway system. There is space to allow the children to record certain basic information about the trip.It makes a wonderful travel book or gift for younger passengers and will provide many hours of entertainment as they search for the trucks. Even though some firms have more than 10, 000 trucks, you will find it difficult to spot these trucks, even on long interstate trips.Mathematics is very important to these trucks -- how far can they go in a 10 hour day traveling at 65 mph? How many cubic feet does a trailer have that is 53' long, 8' wide, and 108 inches high? How many gallons of milk can fit in the trailer if the total truck weight is limited to 80, 000 pounds? If diesel fuel costs $3.99 per gallon and the truck gets 7.6 gallons per mile, how much does the fuel cost to deliver toilet paper 1, 500 miles? All of these questions must be answered by the truck owner before he agrees to take an order and deliver the potatoes from Idaho to a French fry making plant in Philadelphia.This is a travel book for children and bored adult passengers.

Title:Have You Seen My 18 Wheeler?
Author:Russell King
Publisher: - 2013-10-05


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