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Unless you live in a haunted house, the eyes on your paintings probably don't follow you around. However, with a couple of motion sensors, two motors, a few transistors, resistors, diodes, and wires you can convert a Van Gogh print into a macabre masterpiece with a mind of its own. Haywired proves that science can inspire odd contraptions. Create a Mona Lisa that smiles even wider when you approach it. Learn how to build and record a talking alarm, or craft your own talking greeting card. Construct a no-battery electric car toy that uses a super capacitor, or a flashlight that can be charged in minutes, then shine for 24 hours. Written for budding electronics hobbyists, author Mike Rigsby offers helpful hints on soldering, wire wrapping, and multimeter use. Each project is described in step-by-step detail with photographs and circuit diagrams. Includes Web sites listing suppliers and part numbers.... 4353 47 555251 45 Q1 48 49 19 25 24 50 56 20 21 23 18 Black 26 Out Out + a€“ + a€“ Q2 44 42 46 33 32 D2 D3 R1 R2 B A 36 31 30 29 27 35 41 D1 4 8 B A 14 5457 Sensor 1 Sensor2 Refer to the following pin diagram for the switch, relays, .

Author:Mike Rigsby
Publisher:Chicago Review Press - 2009-03-01


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