Healing the Present from the Past

Healing the Present from the Past

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qIt is important to document the validity of past life regression therapy. Heather Rivera's research has made an important contribution to this field, and I applaud her work.q-Brian L. Weiss, M.D., author of Many Lives, Many Masters qDr. Heather Rivera has written a much needed book for those interested in past life therapy or those practicing it. Her fine book is based on quantified research, rather than strictly case studies. . .The reader will benefit in many ways, perhaps life-changing ways, from this excellent book.q? Edith Fiore, Ph.D. (Retired Psychologist) Author of You Have Been Here BeforeqDr. Heather Friedman Rivera is one of the most remarkable torch-bearers of our times, bringing light into the dark recesses of our over-soul to which we are all connected into the universal oneness, through her scholarly quantifying research on reincarnation and past-life regression. She makes skeptics see and hear, and places the scientific dots on reincarnation and past life regression in such a convincing, personal and touching way.q? Adrian Finkelstein, MD, Former UCLA Psychiatry Professor Researcher/ AuthorDr. Heather Friedman Rivera's abrupt healing following a past life regression began a quest of personal discovery and scientific investigation into past lives. Her experience, as well as reports from over 200 respondents from around the world, validate the spiritual, psychological, and physical healings that can result. She reveals her personal journey and the scientific findings from her past life study.Her research is now: a™p quantifying the type and degree of healing effects from past life experiences a™p uncovering the factors that drive and influence these effects a™p opening the door for more research in this important healing modality a™p helping bridge gaps between Western medicine and complementary careHere, she told me that I would meet my spirit guide. She did not suggest to me whether this guide would be human or animal, male or female, or even if this guide would have abody. Donna did not coax or lead me in what was to develop.

Title:Healing the Present from the Past
Author:Heather S. Friedman Rivera
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2012-12


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