Health and Humor

Health and Humor

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Retired surgeon Charles F. Schafer knows firsthand that reading about health can be boring. He did just that for four years while researching for Health and Humor. Charlie hates to bore folks; hence, he spiced the Health and Humor with many funny moments. Readers will smileand laughas they read through Charlies ten zones for health and long life, including exercise, diabetes, food, heart health, obesity, smoking, brain health, use of alcohol and of health supplements. If Health and Humor bores you, Charlie says to email him. He wont refund your money; but he will drop to his knees and beg you to forgive him.They corrode and erode the tootha#39;s enamel (outer layer), and that leads to dental caries (cavities), which, when you think about it, are soft spots in your ... So DO NOT brush too soon after a meal or even a long drink. ... SKF: Toothachea€”the pain that can drive you to extraction. ... So, if flossing there is difficulta€”maybe you dona#39;t have nimble fingersa€”then it may be wise to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Title:Health and Humor
Author:Charles Frederick Schafer
Publisher:The Write Place - 2008-10-01


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