Health Basics

Health Basics

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Would you like to know how your body functions, what happens in sickness and how to optimize your chances for better health? Become an informed participant in your health care by getting the answers to hundreds of questions like these: What are the proven health benefits of exercise? Why don't doctors like high-protein diets? How much alcohol is too much? What is cancer, anyway? What is a nutritional supplement, and why do doctors sigh when I ask? How can I get what I want from my visit to the doctor? Why does my heart skip like that? Why is my cholesterol high when I eat like a rabbit? When should I call 911 instead of a doctor's office? Why can't I stop coughing? Why do I have heartburn and when should I see a doctor? How can I control my bladder better? What is really known about estrogen? How can I relieve my PMS? Book jacket.A Doctora#39;s Plainspoken Advice about how Your Body Works and what to Do when it Doesna#39;t Michael S. Richardson. a€c For seven days ... When you smoke, the nicotine stimulates an addiction center in your brain and satisfies the craving. When you ... It affects norepinephrine (associated with withdrawal symptoms) and dopamine (associated with the rewarding effects of addicting substances) in the brain.

Title:Health Basics
Author:Michael S. Richardson
Publisher:Next Decade, Inc. - 2003


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