Health, Food and Social Inequality

Health, Food and Social Inequality

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qHealth, Food and Social Inequality investigates how vast amounts of consumer data amassed by private companies, alongside epidemiological analysis of dietary type, social class and resulting health profiles, is used by the food industry to enable the social ranking of products and consumers and to shape food consumption patterns. This book supplies a fresh social scientific perspective on the health consequences of over-eating. It shifts the focus from individual behaviour to acknowledge what is known about the shaping of such behaviours by both social theory and psychology. Exploring how this knowledge about social identities and health behaviours is used by the food industry as well as the impact it has had, it outlines, for example, how commercial marketing firms supply food companies with information on where to locate low-nutrition fast foods whilst also advising governments on where to site health services for those consuming such foods disproportionately. Giving a sociological underpinning to Nudge theory which tries to explain the apparently unconscious quality of some behaviours while simultaneously critiquing it in the context of diet and health, this book explores how social class is an often overlooked mediating factor in both individual dietary practice and food marketing activities. Providing a detailed critique of marketing and the role of class in diet and health, this innovative volume is suitable for scholars in the social sciences and public healthq--Provided by publisher.Healthy policy elites and healthy eating discourse The emphasis in healthy eating discourse on the responsibility of individuals for ... Two years later, NICE guidelines acknowledged structural barriers to healthy diets and bodyweights: a#39; Theanbsp;...

Title:Health, Food and Social Inequality
Author:Carolyn Mahoney
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-02-20


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