Health Outcomes

Health Outcomes

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Although published in 1985, this book is particularly relevant today, with the major move to Health Outcomes. Utilising delightful doctor/patient encounters, taken from his own clinical experience, Dr Price discovers the real objective of the patients attendance at the GP. He discovers that only 10% of medical encounters are aimed at a€œsaving livesa€ or increasing the life expectancy. That 40% are actually aimed at increasing the patient a€œHealth-Related Quality of Lifea€ or their Functional Health Status. So, what about the other 50%? To his surprise, he finds that as much as 30% of these services are intended to a€œRelieve Distressa€ or gaining reassurance, whilst the residual 20%, are or should be, preventive services or health promoting services. In 1985, other than life expectancy, the other 90% of healthcare servicesa€™ effectiveness were not being measured. Dr Price noted that these could only be measured at that time by quantified questionnaires to the patient. The Appendix sets out one such questionnaire developed by, and first used by, Dr Price in 1980. The final chapter, a€œThe Emperora€™s New Clothesa€, highlights solutions, as documented in this 1985 book, and now, with internet enablement, even more readily-implementable in 2015.She was quickly referred to a specialist dermatologist and from there to a young plastic surgeon at the Royal Temple ... She elected to have the tattoo removed under general anaesthetic. ... To make matters worse, one week later I diagnosed Joannea#39;s grandfather as suffering from a suspected cancer and I ... They were taxing consultations on both of us, and I am still surprised that in no way did she blame me for Joannea#39;s death. There were many requests for other cosmetic operations.

Title:Health Outcomes
Author:Dr Eddie Price
Publisher:Australian eBook Publisher - 2015-04-22


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