Healthcare Reform, Quality and Safety

Healthcare Reform, Quality and Safety

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This book offers a global perspective on healthcare reform and its relationship with efforts to improve quality and safety. It looks at the ways reforms have developed in 30 countries, and specifically the impact national reform initiatives have had on the quality and safety of care. It explores how reforms drive quality and safety improvement, and equally how they act to negate such goals. Every country included in this book is involved in a reform and improvement process, but each takes place in a particular social, cultural, economic and developmental context, leading to differing emphases and varied progress. Methods for tackling common problems - financing, efficiencies, effectiveness, evidence-based practice, institutional reforms, quality improvement, and patient safety initiatives - also differ. Representatives from each nation provide a chapter to convey their own situation. The editors draw a conclusion from these numerous contributions and synthesize the themes emerging into a coherent a€˜lessons learneda€™ summary that delivers value to the numerous stakeholders. Healthcare Reform, Quality and Safety forms a compendium of the current a€˜state of the arta€™ in global healthcare reform. This is the first book of its type, and offers a unique opportunity for cross-fertilization of ideas to the mutual benefit of countries involved in the project. The content will be of interest to governments, policymakers, managers and leaders, clinicians, teaching academics, researchers and students.dHB Shared Services: wellington. dHB Shared Services 2013b. Alliance Agreement (Template). dHB Shared Services: wellington. dHB Shared Services 2013c. Alliance Leadership Team Charter (Template). dHB Shared Services: wellington.

Title:Healthcare Reform, Quality and Safety
Author:Jeffrey Braithwaite, Yukihiro Matsuyama, Russell Mannion, Julie Johnson
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2015-03-28


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