Healthy Dog - Happy Dog!

Healthy Dog - Happy Dog!

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After losing two dogs to cancer, reasonably certain to have been caused by commercial dog food made with questionable ingredients, Dan Christopher vowed never to feed his dogs commercial dog food again. Instead he developed his own recipe and process to produce high quality, nutritionally balanced, easily digestible food at home. His two current dogs, eating only the homemade food, continue to thrive after more than three years. This book provides proven recipes and complete details of how to make your own homemade dog food. Nothing is held back and complete information is given on equipment needed, ingredients and the easy to follow, step by step method that will produce a batch of dog food equivalent to a 40-50 bag of commercial food but with superior quality! Most important, you will know exactly what ingredients go into the food giving you piece of mind. The entire cooking process can be knocked out in a Saturday morning every 4-8 weeks. For those that have thought about making their own dog food, this book gives you a plan to follow in which all the research, testing and methods have been done for you. If you wish, the process and recipes may be easily tweaked or modified to adapt to your dogs needs and your lifestyle.It really just started as a labor of love a€“ wanting to make sure my dogs lived long, healthy lives. I developed the recipes for ... Dogs have been domesticated and bred as pets and work animals for many thousands of years. A domesticated dogsanbsp;...

Title:Healthy Dog - Happy Dog!
Author:Dan Christopher
Publisher:Leopard Dog Publishing - 2014-10-10


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