Hearing Is Believing

Hearing Is Believing

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Recipient of The National Parenting Center's 2004 Seal of Approval, Hearing Is Believing offers guidance for parents of children of all ages. Award-winning author Elisa Medhus argues that even seemingly harmless phrases, such as a€œyoua€™re such a good girl, a€ can encourage children to become approval seekers, thwart their ability to reason, or both. Over time, these children become less inclined to trust their parentsa€™ guidance and internalize their values. Exposing potentially harmful words and phrases, many that may surprise readers, this book suggests language changes that are simple to implement and keep up. The words we say to children can have a profound effect a€” positive or negative a€” yet too often adults criticize or praise children without considering what they are really telling the child. By thinking before speaking, we can do more than pay lip service to the values we hope to instill. Hearing Is Believing offers easy-to-implement guidelines for changing how we talk to children. Dr. Elisa Medhus speaks from her own experience with kids, offering much-needed alternatives to the negative or damaging phrases we often use. Her suggestions can help us teach children to think for themselves. Stories illustrate positive results.show a great deal of courage for the person responsible to step forward and repair the damage. If no one is willing to do that, I dona#39;t ... Later that evening, I found my toothbrush and Waterpik missing from the bathroom. (Insert sound effects fromanbsp;...

Title:Hearing Is Believing
Author:Elisa Medhus, M.D.
Publisher:New World Library - 2010-09-24


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