Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone

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Long Description A hundred thousand years ago the immortal commander of the Malakima€™s galactic defense fleet, fighting to protect the planets of this dimension from an invasion force, was turned into stone and plummeted to earth. Unable to use his immortal powers to free himself he must wait through the eons until a human is born with enough unconditional love and compassion to form a mystical bond with him and free him. The prophecy of a young immortal boy is his only hope qThe heart of stone by love be free.q In the meantime his enemy, the Din, have established themselves on the planet he sought to save. Possibly the oversouls of dinosaurs, they have demonic powers to possess another being by inhabiting their aura. They've built themselves a global economic empire, living in comfort at the expense of those they've enslaved. The story does not belong to any one genre. It mixes mythology, paranormal romance, conspiracy, sci-fi adventure and is a light-hearted introduction into non-dual consciousness. One reader called the adventure qan expansive swirl of fantasy, sci-fi inter galactic battles, new age mysticism and more than a little in the way of lusty encounters involving a vastly experienced, endowed, ageless shape shifting spirit being and an initially sedate...librarian.q Tyra, the librarian, is called in to view the remains of her uncle who seems to have been slaughtered by a wild beast. She finds out that she belongs to one of the guardian families and has a prophecy to fulfill. She's worked for years at her desk in the city's library. Haunted by dreams of an alien warrior and a mysterious sage she's never been interested in having an intimate relationship. Now she must learn enough about tantra to free her destined mate and enough of martial arts to survive until she does, cross more than a few taboo boundaries along the way. Some bondage scenes, neo-tantra and menage sex. This is the first book in the series called Left hand adventures. Lefthand Adventures is the business Simon trades under in Heart of Stone, until he sets up his new security firm. Lefthand also designates one of the many spiritual evolutionary paths the Malakim follow. Simon follows left hand path, using ecstatic experiences and shamanic practices. Whereas Thex follows the warriora€™s path of justice and the protection of the innocent. Tyra adopts the middle path of love and compassion but that doesna€™t exclude her from learning the ways of ecstasy or becoming a warrior in her own right. Other books in the series so far are A Lick of Immortality (Book 2) which focuses on John, Sally and Ariona€™s stories. Trust and Destiny (Book 3) is Michael, Sarah and Kianaa€™s story.a€œI didna#39;t know, Ia#39;m sorry, what do you want from me, how can I help? ... You have much to learn, and Ia#39;m being selfish when I say the sooner you learn the better for me, please Tyra. ... Tyra felt the weight of the gun in her hand, not too heavy.

Title:Heart of Stone
Author:Arwen Jayne
Publisher:Arwen Jayne - 2012-08-03


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