Heart of the Living God

Heart of the Living God

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Maness asks us to a€œtie up our sneakers, for we are going to have some fun as we hike into the Grand Canyon of Love. Love is the treasure of life. It is Love all the way. Nothing else really matters outside of Love. Best of all, our Love will only get better in heaven.a€ The treasured ability to have loving relationships is Goda€™s gift to us in our Imago Deia€”the image of God we all share. Likewise, what we know of Love this side of heaven is but a dusty image of what God experiences. a€œI want to get personally involved, a€ says Maness. a€œCan we have a free-will relationship with anyone, even God, if all of what we do and think is settled? I dona€™t think so. Love is greater than that, and I shall prove that, and that is indeed a Grand Canyon.a€ Manes brings some of the brain-splitting complexities of this to light with good humor, introduces dynamic foreknowledge, and challenges Classical Theisma€™s avoidance of Love. And he exposes some foul play in the process. Thata€™s the first half of the book. For those wanting to strike out on their own (wanting to see more of the depth and diversity of the Grand Canyon), the second half contains reviews of about 60 major authors, a 4, 000+ Abysmal Bibliography, and a huge index to just about everything in the book. Maness has thrown a gauntlet before the Classical Theists. So ... tie up your sneakers and take a hike with Michael G. Maness as he walks with you into the Grand Canyon. see more at www.PreciousHeart.netSeven Simple Steps to Personal Freedom: an Ownera#39;s Manual for Life. NY: St. Martina#39;s Press, 2001. 144p. Spencer, Duane Edward. The Five Points of Calvinism. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 1986. Spencer ... Cambridge, MA: MIT Press , 1999.

Title:Heart of the Living God
Author:Michael G. Maness
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2004-06-23


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