Heart of the South

Heart of the South

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The action packed sequel to qOf North Blood Drawnq, more witty banter, more lasers and explosions, more intrigue, battles in the mind, space slugs and spurious philosophy... Seatus and Es'stus have been at war for over three hundred years. Inevitably, the Seatons - the Defenders - are losing. The High Marshal, commander of Seaton Defence has a solution. It's a desperate one, that can only end in the annihilation of the Es'stons, or the Seatons, or both. Magen has brought his squad and swordsmen through their first battle. Left behind by the main troop movements, this lone division makes an attractive target for Esa€™ston Raiders. They must risk crossing the oceans of Seatus if they are to be any aid in the defence of the capital city, Solara. They head into the Heart of the South. There is an Esa€™ston spy in their ranks, affectionately named a€˜Atilbea€™. A daring plot to shut down Solaraa€™s defences? Darker forces than this are at play a€“ and they work to no man's agenda. The Dragon stone stirs and the key calls. Magen and his squad find themselves in a tough spot. Marshal Damoclus' defiance of the High Marshal is the reason the division is in this mess. Damoclus wants to end the war too, but he has a different stategy...Clan Tyra was frequently, fearfully whispered about by battle hardened Guards, and timorously pondered by rookies. ... The terror of the Guard worked against Tyra though a€“ their dropships, and fleets were often given more firing weight, and quite rightly, ... a#39;Arghha#39; he thought a€“ hea#39;d just have to do it and hope for the best.

Title:Heart of the South
Author:C. J. Watterson
Publisher:Corvids Press -


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