Heavenly Lilies

Heavenly Lilies

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How far can we trust anyone? Even someone wea€™ve fallen in love with? Evena€b ourselves? Heavenly Lilies is set in 1996, soon after the horrors of the Fred and Rose West case. Sheila is on the jury of a case thata€™s eerily similar. As they retire to consider their verdict, Sheila knows that because of her own sexual history, she cana€™t make that judgement. She walks out, and flees as far away as she can: to an island off the west coast of Ireland. As she settles into this remote and beautiful place, she encounters Colin, whoa€™s on the run from his own demons. They make love, and Sheila discovers another self, called Shelia. But suspicion is everywhere. Guilt, too: how could she abandon those tortured children? And questions. The local priest is full of worldly wisdom, but how has he acquired it? Can Sheila trust his judgement about Colin? Will the police drag her back to the horror of the trial? Then her son Jack arrives, an attractive 2o-year-old. Guilelessly he makes play for Nuala, the damaged local girl who Sheila sees as a mermaid. But this is dangerous ground. Nualaa€™s mother and grandmother are competing for possession of her, and the islanda€™s ancient politics threaten any outsider who disturbs it. Jack and Nuala disappear, and the search for them forces out some truth about Sheilaa€™s quest, Nualaa€™s story, and Colina€™s reasons for coming to the island. When the police arrive, they dona€™t need to arrest Sheila: shea€™s ready to return. But can she still love Colin? If the answer is yes, can their love survive?My hand shook and the wick was damned difficult to light. ... Even anonymously, I cana#39;t guide his veined old hand. I cana#39;t ... When she first wandered into the bar at The Bay she looked like some lost seagull blown off course by a hurricane.

Title:Heavenly Lilies
Author:Alison Leonard
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2014-05-28


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