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In this book it is not my intention to teach anyone but only to incite everyone to think about, to speak about and to recommend in order improving life for entire humanity independent, of race, color, ethnicity, languages or religion for everyone to become in agreement according to its given gift, which is powerful Spirit of love, what we call talent. It is not my idea that proves that, but myriad of humans as modern prophets that by their work witnessed for real life directed by the powerful Spirit of love call talent is only one way only one direction toward goodness for entire humanity, which pleases only One whom we call Great Creator. We may call it as universal secular religion or secular ideology as you wish which is universal and founded on free gift, given talent and responsibility while divine religion is religion of individuals gathered in the congregation founded on faith and obedience, while both are blessed with the power of love. It is true and is easy to understand that life that is directed by the given talent as a life purpose for the love toward One who sent you to do it and for devoted love for entire humanity as a fulfillment of first law to love your Great Creator and not only your neighbor but entire humanity to be like sun that shine from above for all and rain that comes for above for all as a HEAVENLY WISDOM An end I would like to hear from you about your opinion and suggestion in order to further improve that given program suggested from many and for goodness for entire humanity.... say your thanksgiving in your prayers. now you must keep the motto a€œmens sana in corpore sano, a€ which means a€œhealthy body, healthy spirit. ... Do not overdo it or underdo it. after balanced morning activities, you are ready for good work.

Author:Dragan P. Bogunovic
Publisher:Author House - 2013-07-08


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