Heaven's Gate

Heaven's Gate

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While still a young child, Thelma discovers that she is qdifferentq from other children and grownups. She clearly sees things others don't see at all. After repeated accusations by some of her young friends that she was imagining things or even lying, she becomes guarded about confiding to anyone the strange occurrences that were to influence her own life so profoundly, as well as the lives of everyone around her. Thelma's particular gifts of ESP are chronicled in Book Two as they continue unfolding throughout her high school years. The intuitional flashes, previsions, and so on, which are narrated in Book One, are now enhanced by her own attempts at evaluating these experiences as they occur, ever involving higher planes of her consciousness. In Book Three Thelma's evolvement of ESP is now in full flower as she learns to cope with an adulthood of existing in both worlds of consciousness at the same time. Her experiences exert a powerful influence upon her own life, as well as everyone around her. There is, however, nothing sinister in the events that contribute to the awakening of her consciousness of the spiritual truths that bless everyone coming within the sphere of her influence.I was supposed to play my piece and my hands shook so much that I could not even put them on the keys. ... Then in the next instant he was back and there was somebody with him and he had a long skinny face and long hair and a long coat.

Title:Heaven's Gate
Author:Josephine Peyton
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-02-28


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