Heavy Planet

Heavy Planet

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Discover MESKLIN - Gravity: 3g at the equator, 700g at the poles! Hal Clement is a Grand Master of SF, and the one most associated with the subgenre of hard SF. From his classic stories in Astounding in the 1940s through his novels of the 1950s and on to the recent Half Life, he has made a lasting impression on SF readers, and on writers, too. For many of them, Clement's work is the model of how to write hard SF, and this book contains the reasons why. Here are all the tales of bizarre, unforgettable Mesklin: the classic novel Mission of Gravity and its sequel, Star Light, as well as the short stories qUnderqand qLecture Demonstration.q Also included is qWhirligig World, q the famous essay Clement published in Astounding in 1953. It describes the rigorous process he used to create his intriguingly plausible high-gravity planet, with its odd flattened shape, its day less than eighteen minutes long, and its many-limbed, noble natives. Come to Mesklin and learn why The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction called Mission of Gravity qone of the best loved novels in SF.qThe next several loads, in accordance with Barlennana#39;s instructions ... These were used to construct a tripod and hoist arrangement similar to what they had used before a€” very gingerly, since the ... had to be lifted into position for lashing and the old prejudice against having solid objects overhead was present in full force.

Title:Heavy Planet
Author:Hal Clement
Publisher:Macmillan - 2002-11-09


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