Heirloom Recipes

Heirloom Recipes

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In today's hectic and tension-filled world, more and more Americans are turning to the comforts of home and hearth to soothe their souls. In the process, we are rediscovering our roots and returning to tradition. And few things speak more to our hearts than the recipes handed down from mother to daughter, from great-aunt to great-niece, generation after generation. These recipes remind us of whence we came - be it the steppes of Russia or the plains of Iowa - and are as rich in family history as they are in flavor. But how many of these recipes have been lost over the years - and how many of us long for just one more taste of Grandma's peppermint patty cookies, or Aunt Rose's latkes! We search for these recipes because we are searching for ourselves - and for the people who are no longer with us. Heirloom Recipes brings together the family recipes of the women of iVillage, and reflects the spirit in which these recipes were originally shared. Coupled with each recipe are the special tips, fond memories and the bit of love with which the food was originally prepared. As much a joy to read as it is to cook from, this book will feature blank pages where readers can add their own family heirloom recipes.Fruit Tarts From the kitchen of Francine McCarthy For a while, I belonged to an email recipe swap consisting of 13 women. ... My favorite combinations are seedless strawberry preserves with fresh strawberry slices, blueberry preserves with fresh ... Wea#39;re used to having it that way and prefer the natural, sugar-free flavor.

Title:Heirloom Recipes
Author:Jennifer Saltiel
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 2003-04-07


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