Helen M. Stevens' World of Embroidery

Helen M. Stevens' World of Embroidery

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Explains the techniques and stitches of Helen Stevens, gathering inspiration from around the world, and gives fresh ideas from strange lands.FOREWORD Long ago and far away (as all the best stories begin) there was a warrior, Brithelm, and his wife, ... long golden braids were a little more silver, and Brithelm knew that his beard was a little greyer, until one year he did not return. ... to the great tapestry-decked hall of Valhalla where heroes feast for all eternity in the company of Odin, God of War. But Brithelm missed Wulfendatter and begged the Valkyries to bring her to him - all in vain for only warriors may enter Valhalla.

Title:Helen M. Stevens' World of Embroidery
Author:Helen Stevens
Publisher:David & Charles - 2007-05-09


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