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Helicopters: An Illustrated History of Their Impact covers the development of helicopters from the first successful machines in the early 1900s to their current status as a key component of combat planning around the world and as one of the military's most versatile and effective tools. Helicopters is a story of ongoing innovation in the face of stubborn resistance. Time and again, helicopter designers developed more capable rotorcraft and then had to lobby skeptical military planners to get them deployed. With expert analysis of all significant models, colorful portrayals of key figures in the evolution of helicopters, and vivid images of rotorcraft on the drawing board and in action, this revealing volume shows how an often denigrated machine became an essential military asset around the world, as well as an important tool in a number of areas, from police work to medical evacuation to farming.To extend the aircrafta#39;s range, from one to four 230-gallon auxiliary fuel tanks could be installed on the wing pylons. ... The 1st Cavalry Division and 101st Airborne Division soon received their quota of the 150-knot attack helicopter. ... An Apache pilot had to mentally transpose his visual perceptions to a point 10 feet forward and 3 feet lower than his head, where the PNVS turret was mounted on theanbsp;...

Author:Stanley S. McGowen
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2005-01-01


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